Our Services - Training/Starting Under Saddle (Breaking In)

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CJP Hot-to-Trot - below on 5th ride

Training/Starting Under Saddle (Breaking In),

$2,800 + GST.

Includes your horse being mouthed and long reined extensively before the riding process. Time will vary up with each individual... your horse is encouraged/rewarded in a harmonious way. Our techniques are based on common horse sense, a horse is never ‘broken’ as such or put in a demeaning situation. Our techniques use modern equipment and saddlery to teach the horse and encourage a natural forward gate with cadence and freedom to express themselves learning balance under a riders weight resulting in a happy, willing horse that ‘can’t wait’ for the next ride. The horse will be balanced and perform three basic gates, with correct canter leads, stopping and turning, with the use of seat aids ready for them to commence their saddle careers.
Included in price:
Training sessions initially every day of the week - then reduced to 5 days per week over a period of 8 weeks.
8 weeks full board including feed (supplements include dolomite and salt), agistment and rugging.
*Additional time may be required where Training/Agistment fee is applied at $360 per week.
Owners to supply: Cotton Rug/Combo, Bib and Heavy Rug/Combo.
Extras: Dental (compulsory at CJ Park before mouthing begins using our accredited Equine Dentist), Worming, additional feed supplements, Farrier, (all will be conducted once horse has arrived at CJ Park), Tetanus & Strangles vaccine, plus any veterinary incidentals.


The Horse only has one chance for a soft light mouth... don't ruin the next 20 years of riding

Before any horse begins their mouthing process they are treated by Ultimate Equine Denstistry. We use and recommend Ultimate Equine Dentistry for all our horses, no horse at CJ Park Warmbloods is ridden without being treated from U.E.D. We have been using U.E.D. for over 20 years the only Equine Dentist we recommend.

Thanks Peter and Mike!