SOLD CJP Horses & Testimonials

CJ Park Warmbloods was founded in 1994 this is just a few of the horses over the years...

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Rachelle with her two purchases from CJ Park (Left CJP Magnitude - now owned by Jane Swales and right with CJP Winchester)

CJP Winchester

Sire: Whisper IV - Dam: CJP Floriana HSB

Owner: Rachelle Wilson

'The first thing that struck me upon arrival at CJ Park was the love and passion Christopher and Jason have for their animals. They were not just seen as a business implement but each horse was known for their own personality and character.

It was enlightening to hear Christopher and Jason speaking very passionate about their breeding program, explaining how it was constantly evolving and changing to better the quality of horse in Australia. I was impressed at the knowledge they had of various Warmblood lines, not only those en-vogue at the time. I was also impressed with the great importance that CJ Park placed not only on the stallion but also the mare in this equation. As I was surprised to find on my travels to other studs and breeders, that a greater focus was often placed on a popular stallion.

After a long, unsuccessful search for a young horse possessing not only talent and movement but also personality and a great temperament that was realistically priced, I was ready to take my search overseas. I had spent many hours travelling from one end of Australia to the other to no avail. It was extremely fortunate that I came into contact with CJ Park before heading overseas again. I was more than impressed when shown the CJP Winchester as a candidate for my next dressage prospect. CJP Winchester not only had movement and looks but also a great outlook and temperament. It was also fantastic to be able to view the dam and be told about her temperament, trainability and performances as a competition horse.

Throughout the whole process I found Christopher and Jason very honest and open to any questions I had about their horses. Since my purchase, CJP Winchester has certainly lived up to everything I was told and more! CJP Winchester has proven himself to be very even tempered, trainable and willing, just like his Dam and Sire!

I am more than happy with my gorgeous horse and the new support crew/friends we have made in the process. I highly recommend CJ Park to any discerning buyer who would like an open, honest opinion on the horses being bred and the option to buy good quality horses at realistic prices. I will certainly be turning back to CJ Park for my next up and coming star!


With Regards

Rachelle Wilson, Vic.

CJP Louis-of-Loxley

Sire: Legend of Loxley - Dam: Lucrese (aka: Lucy)

Owner: Micky Bray

'I was lucky enough to purchase CJP Louis of Loxley as a 6 week old foal. I actually wasn't on the market for a foal at the time, but when I saw Louie I knew he had that something extra. At the moment he is still only 2 years old and has definitely surpassed all of our expectations. Within these two years, CJP has helped me with Louie's handling on many occasions. They always keep in touch, and love receiving updates on Louie's progress. I can't wait to send him back CJP for breaking in, and then commence his training.  I look forward to continuing to be a part of the CJP family for many years to come.'

Micky Bray

CJP Diamond-Dazzler

Sire: Diamond Hit - Dam: CJP Floriana HSB

Owner: Jenny Bray

''CJP Diamond-Dazzler is the second CJ Park horse I have had the pleasure to own. CJP Diamond-Dazzler came to me as a rising 4yo and his trainability and temperament are indicative of all their home bred horses.
He is a pleasure to work with. CJ Park have taken a keen interest in his progression, as all their horses are like family to them and it is comforting to know they are there to assist you if needed. I am sure he will not be the last CJP horse I purchase!"

- Jenny Bray

CJP Donner-Kohl (dated pre 2010 - now sold to Mark Dowling)

Sire: Donnerheist - Dam: CJP Gracey HSB

Owner: Jenny Bray

''I was lucky enough to purchase CJP Donner-Kohl from Chris & Jason of CJ Park Warmbloods 7 years ago. Due to the way they handle their young horses Harvey proved to be unflappable and exactly what I needed. Chris & Jason kept in constant contact with me to ensure I was happy with Harvey. He is presently graded FEI and is continuing with his training. I would like to thank CJ Park Warmbloods for allowing me the opportunity to work with one of their home bred horses and will not hesitate to see what else they have in their paddocks for my next horse. "

- Jenny Bray

CJP Donner-Kohl

Owner: Mark Dowling

''I am so thrilled that CJP Donner-Kohl has been listed in the New South Wales Dressage Leaderboard Awards. Thank you CJP Warmbloods for breeding such a lovely honest horse. Harvey just keeps improving and am so lucky. Thanks guys!!!! Keep breeding these great horses! "

- Mark Dowling

Ashton Farm Rivoli (Rafter)

originally registered as CJP Rafter


Sire: Rasputin (imp/exp) Dam: Barooga Bend Panache

Owner: Julia Stewart

''Rafter is a 13 year old Grand Prix horse who we purchased from Emma Youngman as a 5 year old.  Rafter is by Emma Youngman’s Grand Prix Swedish Warmblood ‘Rasputin’ out of Barooga Bend Panache who was owned by CJP Warmbloods. Rafter has the most outstanding temperament and came to me with beautiful manners and training.
Rafter was my first proper dressage horse, and we have trained together from novice to Grand Prix. He is a delight to own.
In the past 12 months, Rafter has won several Grand Prix competitions including, The Westernport Premier Cup, Yarra Valley Dressage Club, Treehaven Equestrian Centre and the Victoria Dressage Club Big Tour Championships. At only 13 years of age, we are hoping to have many more enjoyable years with him in the competition arena "

- Julia Stewart

Micky and CJP Louis-of-Loxley