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We offer you the foundations and assistance to helping you achieve your dreams.


Lessons, Coaching and Clinics

Lessons $66 (inc GST) per 45 minutes, with all levels from Basics through to Grand Prix catered for. Specialist in Dressage training and young horses for competition.

Principle coach Christopher Ardron.
Lessons are conducted at CJ Park Warmbloods or can travel to you at an extra fee .




CJP Hot-to-Trot - below on 5th ride

Training/Starting Under Saddle (Breaking In),

$2,800 + GST.

(As from the 1st November 2015 CJ Park no longer offer this service to outside clients)

Includes your horse being mouthed and long reined extensively before the riding process. Time will vary up with each individual... your horse is encouraged/rewarded in a harmonious way. Our techniques are based on common horse sense, a horse is never ‘broken’ as such or put in a demeaning situation. Our techniques use modern equipment and saddlery to teach the horse and encourage a natural forward gate with cadence and freedom to express themselves learning balance under a riders weight resulting in a happy, willing horse that ‘can’t wait’ for the next ride. The horse will be balanced and perform three basic gates, with correct canter leads, stopping and turning, with the use of seat aids ready for them to commence their saddle careers.
Included in price:
Training sessions initially every day of the week - then reduced to 5 days per week over a period of 8 weeks.
8 weeks full board including feed (supplements include dolomite and salt), agistment and rugging.
*Additional time may be required where Training/Agistment fee is applied at $360 per week.
Owners to supply: Cotton Rug/Combo, Bib and Heavy Rug/Combo.
Extras: Dental (compulsory at CJ Park before mouthing begins using our accredited Equine Dentist), Worming, additional feed supplements, Farrier, (all will be conducted once horse has arrived at CJ Park), Tetanus & Strangles vaccine, plus any veterinary incidentals.


Further Education... training your horse with CJ Park...


Horses are welcome for training with Christopher Ardron and Travis Cole, although specialist in dressage (Preliminary to Grand Prix) and young horses, CJ Park also can also train your horses for other disciplines including eventing, showjumping and showing.

Cost is $360 per week which includes at least 5 training sessions per week, feed (supplements includes dolomite and salt) and rugging.
Payments to be made weekly, one week in advance.
Owners to supply: Cotton rug/combo, bib, heavy rug/s.
Extras: Dental (compulsory at CJ Park before training using our accredited Equine Dentist), Worming, additional feed supplements, Farrier, Tetanus & Strangles vaccine, plus any veterinary incidentals.




CJ Park will compete your horse for you! Experienced and successful competitors themselves (Royal, State and National winners). Costs are in addition to weekly training include entry fees, stabling and percentage of fuel costs. Christopher Ardron and Travis Cole are both FEI competitors.

At that critical time we offer you 24/7 around the clock supervision and experienced hands on deck when your mare is due to foal.

Our policy is that no mare on the farm is left unattended when about to foal down. Years of breeding expertise and on-call veterinary service will give your foal/and mare the best chance of a healthy start to life.


• AI facilities: Technician and Vet for your breeding program

• Airey outdoor foaling yards

• Double indoor boxes

• Vet crush

• Back up foaling alarm

Cost: $500 per mare

Broodmare services...
Total care right from the beginning:

conception, pregnancy, foaling down

(24hr onsite human surveillance),

foal handling/imprinting, weaning

and back to conception again

Foaling Down / Breeding


Currently CJ Park encompasses 140 acre property 45 mins from Melbourne CBD (30mins Melbourne Airport) on the northern fringe close to the Macedon Ranges.


• 33m x 66m all weather menage

• Various bayco/electric fenced

paddocks of all sizes

including shelters and tree lines

• Stable complex including

hot water wash

and tie up area etc.

• Float loading bay

• Foaling yards

CJ Park Facilities



Full agistment from paddock to stable livery available.


• Dry Mares $18.00 per day
• Wet Mares $24.50 per day
• Weanlings $12.00 per day
• Yearlings $15.00 per day
Additional supplements to be supplied by client

• Mares and foals $35.00 per day
• Hospitalization $45.00 per day

Sales Preparation

Christopher Ardron and Travis Cole can assist with the preparation & sale of your horse. A minimum of 2 weeks training prior to an advertising deadline (Horse Deals, Horse Zone or The Horse Magazine).
Cost: $360 p/w x 2wk minimum = $720.
Advertising preparation $150 including advert design and photography shoot by leading Equine Graphic Designer exclusive to CJ Park. Advertising to be paid direct to publisher by client.
No commission of the sale will be taken.
If you wish for CJ Park to continue to train your horse during the sale period & liaise with potential buyers on your behalf, the training fee of
$360 p/w. Payments to be made weekly one week in advance.