Established in 1994, CJ Park Warmbloods combines a passion of two, Christopher Ardron and Jason York, (a third is added later but we'll get to that).

The aim is to breed world class horses for the competition arena using the best available stock in Australia combined with top international sires and proven competition lines put CJ Park at the cutting edge of Performance Horse Breeding in the Southern Hemisphere and equal any boutique barn found in Europe.


Breedings a game certainly not for the faint hearted and the first foal definately proved that point leaving the two questioning what they had invested in... the second by Vancouver (imp) became a riding horse for Jason affectionally known as Dougy (sold later on)... The third is a favourite of Christopher's a large black colt was born sired by the imported son of Donnerhall 'Donnerheist' out of Chris's riding mare Grace McOhl (another imported lined mare) this foal grew to become CJP Donner-Kohl who competed in young horses classes and Dressage with the Stars with Christopher, then sold when work committments forced the two to relocate to the Middle East for a few years to the long established friend of Jenny Bray who campainged him to FEI classes. CJP Donner-Kohl aka 'Harvey' is now competing Grand Prix on the New South Wales circuit with Mark Dowling.

Producing great horses of the highest standard is one that Christopher and Jason spend many hours in research, visiting international studs in Europe and studying performance and licensing index results... 'It takes passion and committment... the progeny are carefully designed, not just chosen on the 'flavour of the month'.


Frozen semen was not always the easiest option at the begining (and still isn't). An example of persistance of the Stud's was the effort to import 'Feiner Stern' semen of local stocks had caused devastating problems with the studs mares virtually wiping out every mares breeding cycle for the entire season. With persistance they pushed on and sourced fresh chilled semen from North America, with over 48hrs in transit finally there became two pregancies... one CJP Feiner-Days... currently competing Advanced the other has become one of the studs top broodmares CJP Finerlis (pronounced FINALLY!!).


The success continued with the coming of age and first foal of the studs foundation mare CJP Floriana (Flemmingh/Kilof McKohl) (and what a family she has!) who also was awarded Head Studbook Status with the AWHA (Australian Warmbloods Horse Association), a chestnut colt by the Grand Prix Trakehner stallion Friendensfürst - CJP Friedensfürst or 'Freddy' was born. Freddy went on to win many AWHA awards including 6yo Riding Horse of the Year and now competes with his owners 'The Buckley Family' at Medium grade.

Proving this statement is the success of the above mentioned CJP Floriana HSB (Flemmingh - Kilof McKohl), one of Australia's most successful if not the most successful warmblood performance horse producing mare known in Australia:

1st foal: CJP Friedensfürst - Competiting Medium (owned by the Buckly family)

2nd foal: CJP Feiner Days - Competiting Advanced (owned by the Buckly family)

3rd foal: CJP Winchester - recieved an Equestrian Australia High Performance Award in 2012 and now is competitin Prix St George/Small Tour (owned and ridden by Rachel Wilson).

4th foal: CJP Diamond-Dazzler - AWHA Licensed Stallion (now gelded), Champion in Young Horse classes, finalist in Dressage with the Stars, competing at Medium as a 6yo and selected on the National Talent Squad (owned and ridden by Jenny Bray)

5th foal: CJP Hot-Topic as a three year old destined to follow his brothers footsteps, already gaining public interest. CJP Hot-Topic made his first Public appearance by invitation to PSI Masterclass directed by Dr Ulf Moeller and Dressage with the Stars (2013). Ulf described CJP Hot-Topic with an 'exciting future and looking forward to seeing him next year in the competition arena. Brett Parbery discribed this young stallion in recent clinic on numerous occasions as simply 'Awesome'! (CJP Hot-Topic is owned by CJ Park Warmbloods and ridden by Travis Cole).


The legendary Donnerhall (one of the world's most successful influential dressage sires) is dominant in the foundations to many of the CJP horses. Occuring not only at the early years with Donnerheist - sire of CJP Karma-Donner, then the matriach family of CJP Speical-Donner who's first foal CJP Sundae-Rose (retained for stud purposes) and her second foal just with a double Donnerhall cross just coming to age of riding now. CJP Donopoly (Don Primus (Don-Primero (Donnerhall) x Sandro Hit x Pollyagony xx) was crowned AWHA Vic Branch Gala Day Champion foal early 2013, the day she was born, Jason comented 'I want to take this foal to the show!'

'The Donnerhall family are marked in temperament, they want to love and please you... where others want to run away. The progeny from this line whether is a direct Donnerhall or generations down the line in the sires such as the young Don-Primus (Don-Primero x Sandro Hit)... they all share a calm quality of nature that proves to being a riders horse who want to be with people - the first elements are forged - Temperament, Trainabilty and Conformation all virtually gauranteed with the Donnerhall decendents.

Christopher Ardron and Jason York travelled to Germany, to the stables of Karin Rehbein where they personally experienced Donnerhall training in front of them. They also saw in the flesh the impressive Don-Primero mare 'Cherie' who went on to become the Burgokal trophy winner and World Champion.


A successful breeding program and quality horses are not just formed from using any given 'imported' stallion/semen or mare. Research, results, viewing, conformation, genetic make-up, competition and homework, plus years of more homework is truley proving the recipe of success that CJ Park

Warmbloods is experiencing today.


Horses always a passion

Christopher in his childhood days, was a member of Nerang Pony Club, began riding at eight years of age, competiting on State and National levels for Queensland, his foundations were imprinted from Sandra Person-Adams. He evented, showjumped, hacked and did everything expected and beyond. His talents lay place in the dressage arena training to Grand Prix with a forte in young horse training and stallion handling - having influence on many stallions career (APH Speigel, Grand Kavalier, Belcam Geldof to name a few) training and competing, Christopher is called upon by many for his expertise.


Jason grew up in the outer suberbs of Melbourne, walked to his cousins house for riding lessons on a 'no-turn' pony, subsequently ending up in the sawdust pile on numerous occasions, then finally brought his own horse with Christopher who he took to Melbourne Royal and won with! He later schooled and trained also to FEI standard featuring a partnership of Heini (another stallion) over the years.


Travis Cole (the third) joined CJ Park in February 2010 which started as a riding lesson with Christopher then never left! A rider and pony clubber since age two his foundations were also in the backbone of eventing competing for Victoria and Showjumping at Royal level. Now a more reformed way, the passion for dressage and young horse 'breaking-in' is where he fits in the workings of CJ Park warmbloods, and my lessons with Christopher.


On average the stud produce around a dozen foals per years from imported semen and imported Australian stallions. Most will be available on the commercial market to a select 'lucky' few. Others will be retained by the stud and competed as future riding horses and form the next generation of proven performance stock for the next generation of CJP crowned champions!


“The greatest investment we make in the development of all our young horses is one which costs the least – its called time!!


We look forward to welcoming you at our lush, 137 acre Macedon Ranges property when you are ready to make your next purchase ( Or to come and say Hi ) and or secure your dream mount of your highest aspirations.


Christopher, Jason and Travis

CJ Park Warmbloods

About Us - C.J. Park Warmbloods

Christopher and 'Magic' were keen Pony Club members of Nerang Pony Club

CJP Fantasia (owned by the Noughton Family) takes a friendly bite out of Jason.

Jason and CJP Valdassaro aka 'Dougy'

Christopher and Belcam Geldof

Jason and the gentleman - 'Heini'

Christopher, Jason and Travis

She was born on Christmas Day!
CJP Cinderella with Jason.

Christopher shows off his number at AWHA Gala Day 2013

Travis with CJP Hot-to-Trot (Heidi) (Hotline-Regardez Moi-Salute)